Brief: Create a photo-montage depicting a narrative. 
Solution: This being my first narrative driven project I was having some trouble thinking of something that I was happy with. It had to be something that hadn't been done 1000 times or just cheesy in general. Everything seemed to have been done before. So, I took the problem and broke it down. What is a narrative? I realized I could do something as simple as describe an emotion through visuals and it could pass for a coherent narrative. Naturally I picked the most recent emotion I had been feeling. Confusion, dissociation, anger, etc.
Client: 4D Design course.
Tools: Nikon D3200, Premiere Pro
Thought at Work promotional ad concept 
Brief: Create a bumper for an existing event. 
Solution: I took inspiration from the previous year's visual direction and then thought smaller. I literally made everything smaller. The idea was to shrink the logo down to the size of the amount of detail needed to; 1. Have a design conference, run by students be successful, and 2. Create beautiful and effective design. 
Client: NMD 3D course.
Tools: Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro
The Animated Inanimate
Brief: Produce a video based off of a narrative using sound design and visual style to speak to a specific audience. 
Solution: I chose the narrative to be an odd dream and the audience to be children. I chose children as my audience so I could make a fun stop motion animation while exploring a good message. To not always automatically assume a threat when faced with something unusual. 
Client: 4D Design course.
Tools: Canon ???, Dragonframe, Premiere Pro, Audition
Abstract Groove
Brief: Create an abstract animation along-side music or sound
Solution: Because this was an abstract subject, it was difficult to commit to visuals until I had a semblance of direction or a loose narrative. My direction came from the music I decided to use. In choosing funk, I depicted the fast beats in succession to one another as sharp shapes and quick animations. Meanwhile during the slower, more groovy spots I used squishy organic shapes.
Song: "Upfunk" by Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.
Client: NMD Animation course.
Tools: After Effects CC 2018
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